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If you are seeking expertise with the design of high performance electronics, embedded software or mechanical, with the skills to engineer to perfection in remarkably rapid timescales, you have arrived.


High End Audio is a field within electronic design that requires the greatest level of attention to detail.

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Reid Acoustic Designs are a team of passionate professionals based in the heart of London. Specialising in electronic system design, embedded software, and mechanical design, dedicated to engineering perfection in the fastest time to market.

With a network of high-quality associates in all areas of design, they offer the highest-levels of product development from concept to saleable goods. Having 20 years of direct experience, with shared knowledge from highly experienced power supply engineers (NASA) and broadcast and video RF engineers, which adds another 50 years to their design and engineering capability.


It started with a passion for the perfection of audio through electronics, which became a passion for the supporting circuitry.

This led to an advanced understanding of high-performance electronic design, ranging from DC to light. Being founded by a Chartered Engineer ensures the highest levels of design are accompanied by the highest levels of quality, ethics and principles.

High-end audio within electronic design requires the greatest level of attention to detail, to achieve high performance and high integrity analogue and digital circuitry and signal processing. Audio is a speciality although the design and engineering skills carry through all areas of business, industrial, professional and consumer electronic products.


Reid Acoustic Designs have worked alongside some of the worlds’ largest brands; designing world class solutions, offering consultancy and insight, streamlining processes and improving systems. With focus set on exceeding requirements, minimising time to market and maximising customer profits.

Inspired by 12 years with a leading UK HiFi company and countless product developments winning numerous awards from prestige international HiFi press. To working alongside some of the largest UK HiFi and audio companies, fashion audio companies, design houses and global technology market leaders. Outside of audio recently developing ultra-high-speed data acquisition and optical sensing and measurement systems, laser/SOA drive circuitry, for energy harvesting and safety-critical aviation systems for some of the largest international businesses within their markets. Always giving a higher understanding of what is possible, with great ease and ability to create new circuitry and technologies.



Starting with the earliest form of concept or idea, we can work with you to develop a full specification, and from this propose a fixed price for the project. Our plan will include strategy optimisation to achieve the shortest time to market.

Our designs develop from our customer requirements, in accordance with all relevant standards, with design effort to pass compliance from the start. We follow ISO9001 based internal processes to assist with delivery and management of the highest quality standards, covering all of the services we provide.


We estimate our project delivery/completion times for a typical electronic design, from concept to generation of a factory ready build pack, are between 1/2 to 1/5 of the time it would take a typical product engineering department to complete

This is due to our experience, in-depth understanding of the process, and expertise. All of our designs provide exceptional levels of quality, performance and reliability.

We project manage using MS Project to ensure that we deliver on time. We can forecast the effect of occurrences such as mid-project specification changes, which due to the nature of developing something new can be absolutely necessary. Typical projects involve design for high volume mass production, although we are skilled with the design and development of minimum viable products too. Super creative.


We conceive and design complete industrial, consumer and professional electronic products and subsystems. Just some of our design skills:

  • Analogue and digital power supplies from mW to kW, V to kV.
  • Lowest noise analogue and minimum jitter digital signal processing, acquisition/DACs/ADCs to 125Msps/MHz.
  • Exceptionally low noise wideband analogue electronic design to 500MHz.
  • 1ns pulse generation – discrete circuit design.
  • Highest resolution analogue and digital video, HDMI / HDCP.
  • High speed digital design to GHz, FPGAs, CPLDs, programmable logic.
  • ARM, XMOS, Atmel, Microchip microcontrollers/microprocessors with embedded software.
  • Voice recognition and pre-processing system design and competitor analysis test methods.
  • User/graphical/touch screen interfaces.
  • Ethernet network interfacing, PCI-express and USB3.0 hardware design.
  • RF design of both analogue and digital.
  • Magnetics and transformer design, motors, loudspeakers, headphones.
  • High speed fast settling laser and SOA control circuitry.
  • Optical fibre communication and sensing hardware.

We provide specification capture, electronic hardware circuit design and PCB layout, embedded software design, 3D mechanical design, thermal management for PCBs and systems, design for safety and EMC compliance, technical writing and manuals, all with a focus on design for manufacture.

We have worked with all levels of consumer electronics factories from small scale UK to medium scale Far Eastern to the worlds’ third largest CEM.

We offer factory introduction services, test development and test fixture development, ongoing factory support, rapid resolution manufacturing support.

Our systems and processes have been developed to suit lean manufacturing used by the largest factories and these benefit all levels of production.



Have your circuits and systems designed with the knowledge, understanding and experience to achieve the highest levels of quality, and with the fastest time to market.

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